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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from the Summer Sun

What is on your list of fun summer outings this year?  Perhaps visiting the beach, going swimming, or sightseeing across the country? Or catching the beautiful early morning sunrises and evening sunsets? The possibilities are endless! While you’re booking your flights, filling up the car and gathering up your beach towels, sunscreen and lots of H2O, what are you doing to shield your eyes from the blazing summer sun? Don’t forget to protect your eyes by packing a hat, proper sunglasses and follow other important summer eye care tips.   

While many of us are keen on slathering our bodies with sunscreen to protect our skin while soaking up the sun, it’s easy to forget about protecting our eyes with just as much precaution you take for everything else. Our skin may show the damage of the sun more visibly than our eyes will, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining its rays to harm them just as much.

Too much direct exposure to sunlight may increase the risk of eye damage. Problems such as cancer, cataracts or photokeratitis (which is a fancy term for a sunburned eye) can all happen if proper prevention isn’t taken. If soaking up the sun while romping around outdoors and beating the heat by splashing around in a pool are in your near future, potential eye damage may be lurking. 

Keep reading to learn our five tips to keep your eyes healthy while still enjoying all the warmth and fun that summer has to offer.

  1. Accessorize (& Protect) with Sunglasses – Sunglasses can complete an outfit and add some pizazz, but most importantly, they protect your eyes. The bigger the better when it comes to the size of your sunglasses – especially ones that “wrap around” and do not allow light to get in from the sides.  Opt for polarized shades that offer UVA and UVB protection.  If you typically wear glasses, you may want to consider a transitions lens frame or contacts, so that you can still be protected while outside. Talk to any of our staff at our eye glass shops to find out more about what we offer!

  2. Proper Eyewear at Work & Play – Perhaps the nice weather has inspired you to power wash the house, deep clean the deck or use other power tools to get jobs done around the house. It’s important to remember to wear protective eyewear while doing such physical tasks.  Don’t forget to pack goggles and protective eyewear when you and your family plans to go swimming or play other high-intensity sports.  Sunglasses or goggles can also protect your eyes from sand flying around while visiting the beach. 

  3. Wear Many Hats – While lugging your kids to and from sport practices, summer camps and endless outdoor adventures with their friends, your daily routine may shift during the summer months. Be sure to keep an array of hats on hand for the whole family.  Wide-brimmed sunhats are not only stylish but also offer great protection from harmful UV rays.   Baseball caps with a 3-inch-wide brim are easy to throw on and work for anyone in the family.  Plan ahead and keep hats readily accessible all summer long.

  4. Seek the Shade – Vitamin D is good for you (in small intervals). When you know you’ll be out in the sun for a large chunk of time, plan to take “shade breaks,” especially between the hottest hours (10AM – 2PM).  When able, opt for the seat in the stadium that is shaded.  See if you can bring a beach umbrella with you.  Sit under the tree to watch your kids play baseball.  And don’t forget – the sun’s rays cause damage to your skin and eyes, even on a cloudy and overcast day. 

  5. Protect Your Eyes in the Water – There’s nothing quite as refreshing as diving into a swimming pool to cool off on a hot summer day. But your eyes can pay the price for it.  While chlorine is used in pool water to prevent bacteria growth, it can be detrimental to your eyes, causing irritation, pink eye or sometimes even more serious eye infections.  Whether you’re swimming at a public pool, in a large lake or in the ocean, protect your eyes by wearing goggles while under the water.  Be sure to rinse your eyes with fresh water afterwards, and never wear contacts while swimming.   

So, this summer, keep your eyes healthy so you can continue to see the possibilities. And speaking of summer sun, check out our sister company, Premier Medical Esthetics, to learn more about ways to protect and treat your skin from the sun this summer!

Sunglasses, goggles, hats and shade will be your best friends this summer.  If you are finding yourself searching for an “eye dr. near me” or “vision center near me,” Premier Eye Care Group (PECG) is just the place for you.  Located in Camp Hill and Harrisburg, PECG features an impressive team of skilled eye doctors that are ready to treat your eyes.  With many patient testimonials available to attest to the quality of our variety of vision services available, what are you waiting for? 

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