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Do I Need Glasses If I Keep Getting Headaches?

Picture this: you’re all snuggled up on your couch, wrapped in a warm, comfortable blanket and reading your favorite book. What could go wrong? And then it hits- ANOTHER headache.

They seem to be happening more and more frequently.

Sometimes it’s during the workday when you’re staring at your computer screen for too long, sometimes it’s when you’re driving, or sometimes it’s when you’re reading a book or magazine. Because of this common theme, you start to wonder, “Do I need glasses?”

While you might not have needed them in the past, it’s extremely common for people to need glasses as they get older or as their eyes start to change. Now that you’re thinking about it, you’ve probably noticed a few other signs that suggest maybe you’re due for an eye exam. But before we dive into signs you might need a trip to the optometrist, let’s discuss why these headaches might be occurring.

More often than not, too much eye strain can cause frequent headaches for many, which is why it’s an indicator that a need for glasses could be in the near future. But how or why does this happen? There’s a part in your eye that helps your cornea and lens focus on images, words, etc. When that fails, the muscles in your eyes need to work harder for you to be able to see clearly. The outcome of this scenario is eye strain, which ultimately can lead to a headache. Essentially, you experience eye strain when your eyes are overused.

To put it simply, when you squint your eyes, you tend to get headaches frequently. Why are you squinting? Because you might need glasses.

Here are some more signs that you might need to schedule an appointment with Premier Eye Care Group:

Persistent Headaches

Like we mentioned, frequent headaches caused by eye strain are a potential indicator that you need glasses. But what do these particular headaches feel like? Not to be mistaken with other types of headaches, these ones mostly deal with a pain behind or around your eyes, making this area of your head feel sore or tired more often than not.

Blurry Vision

You’ve probably heard of nearsightedness vs. farsightedness when it comes to eyesight, and they mean exactly how they sound. If you’re nearsighted, your vision is clear when up close and blurry when far away. If you’re farsighted, your vision is blurry when up close and clear when far away.

Frequent Squinting

You might not even notice, but from time to time, our eyes naturally squint when we try to focus. However, if you find yourself squinting pretty frequently, it might be an indicator that your eyes are constantly struggling to focus.

Seeing Double

Looking in a funhouse mirror is fun, right? Well, not if it’s happening in your everyday life. If images seem warped or you happen to see double when looking at objects or words, it could be a sign that your vision is struggling.

Trouble Seeing at Night

First and foremost, if you struggle to see in the dark or at night, be careful! If the condition worsens over time, it’s a pretty good indicator that you’ll want to get your eyes checked so that you can find a solution. You also might notice what looks like halos around the lights in your car or home, streetlights, or headlights from other cars on the road.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s very common to develop a need for glasses over the years!

Located in Camp Hill and Harrisburg, PA, the optometrists at Premier Eye Care Group will fulfill all of your vision needs. We’re here to help, whether you’re new to the glasses world, or just want to update your look. Interested in contact lenses? We can help with that too!

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