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Protect Your Eyes This Holiday Season

“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid,” is a common movie quote to hear around the holiday season, and while it’s a funny movie scene, eye injuries can be quite serious in real life.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid common eye injuries this holiday season, as well as what toys to refrain from purchasing. 

Christmas Tree Troubles

For those who celebrate Christmas, Christmas trees actually pose one of the biggest threats when it comes to eye injury. If you cut down the tree yourself, it is essential to wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from the wood chippings and other debris that might fly around.

Sharp needles from a pine tree can cause significant damage to your eye, regardless of where you get your tree. Stay mindful of the sharp needles and stay especially vigilant of children when they’re around the tree. Other factors, such as pointy string lights, wires, or glass ornaments, could damage a child’s eyes if not handled properly. 

Spray Snow Snags

No matter what holidays you celebrate, spray snow is a staple for winter decorations, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of snow.

However, it can also cause mishaps if the bottle or can is not pointed in the right direction. To avoid accidentally spraying your eye, make sure to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes and vision. You might also want to consider using it in places where infants can’t reach, otherwise they might touch the fake snow and ultimately rub it into their eyes. 

Snow Glare Grief

It’s a common misconception that sunglasses aren’t necessary in winter because the UV rays are much lower than in summer. However, did you know your UV exposure can actually double when the sun reflects off of the snow? Continue wearing eye protection throughout the year, and make sure children have eye protection when playing in the snow. 

Toy Traumas

While they’re extremely popular, toy guys and other projectiles are a serious threat for eye damage. Toys such as nerf guns, darts, water guns, slingshots, and so on cause almost 20% of eye injuries during the holiday season.

Even “softer toys,” such as foam darts that seem like they’re not as much of a threat, can cause significant eye damage, especially when shot directly into the eye. 

Here is a list of toys that you should avoid to prevent eye injury:

  • Aerosol string – can cause chemical conjunctivitis if it comes in contact with eyes
  • Toy fishing poles – can poke eyes 
  • Lasers or bright lights – cause severe retinal damage when pointed directly in someone’s eye
  • Water guns or water balloon launchers – can cause serious injury if an eye is hit with excessive force

While we understand some of these toys might be a high-demand request from Santa, it’s important to avoid purchasing toys with sharp or protruding objects. Pay attention to the age recommendations on toys. Make sure that gifts are age-appropriate and that the child receiving them is mature and responsible enough to comply with proper safety precautions.

Children should also be constantly supervised when playing with toys that could be considered a hazard or result in eye injury. Utilize proper eye protection to avoid any accidents or injuries. 

We understand accidents happen, even when all safety precautions are in place! If an eye injury occurs during the holidays, save yourself from searching “best optometrist near me.” Located in Camp Hill, PA and Harrisburg, PA, Premier Eye Care Group has eye specialists you can trust. Contact us today to receive the care you require. 


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