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Signs Your Child Might Have Eye Problems

June is usually an exciting time for children because it means one major thing: SCHOOL’S OUT! But did you know June is also Child Vision Awareness Month? 

Your children want to focus on summer fun, but it’s important to remember to take care of them as well. This can range from protecting their eyes from the sun to paying attention to warning signs that might indicate a problem with their vision. 

Rubbing Their Eyes Constantly

Children rubbing their eyes can be a sign of many different things (allergies, fatigue, etc.), so many people overlook this as an indicator of vision problems While their eyes may be tired or itchy, rubbing their eyes can also mean they are experiencing trouble seeing clearly. Tip: watch for them rubbing their eyes as they’re trying to concentrate on something

Sitting Too Close to Screens 

Because school is no longer in session, your children are probably staring at their screens more than usual, whether it’s the TV, iPad, cell phone, computer, video game, or something else. Does it seem like they’re holding the screen closer to their face or sitting closer to the TV or computer?

This could be a sign that they’re nearsighted and have trouble seeing farther away objects If you notice this indicator, seek an eye doctor near you to help with a solution.

High Sensitivity to Light

Summertime means we’re outside and surrounded by sunlight a lot more often. Have you noticed that your child is squinting their eyes or getting teary-eyed when in the sun? Or does a camera flash have longer-lasting effects than normal? These instances are usually a sign that they have undiagnosed vision issues. 

Poor Visual Tracking

Is your child able to follow an object in motion or do they struggle with it, especially while playing sports? Issues with visual tracking are a common indicator of vision impairment.

Make sure to watch them while doing activities that involve a lot of hand-eye coordination. If you notice them lagging, it’s probably a good idea to visit an ophthalmologist.

Complaining About Headaches or Eye Pain

If your child has chronic headaches or eye pain, especially while doing their summer reading, it’s best to get their eyes checked. They might be working to focus their eyes due to blurry vision, which overexerts their eyes and leads to headaches and eye pain. 

Squinting or Head Tilting

If you find your child squinting their eyes often, especially when reading or staring at a screen, this is a good indicator that they’re also trying to focus their eyes. Adding in a head tilt as well could possibly mean that their vision is better in one eye over the other. Tilting their head might be their way of making up for the vision misalignment. 

It’s crucial to discuss with your child what their eyesight looks and feels like. They might not realize that vision impairment can be fixed or saved before they even have issues. Located in both Camp Hill, PA and Harrisburg, PA, Premier Eye Care is here to clear up your eyesight just in time for summer. Give us a call today to receive the care you require! 


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